Our system not only tackles human error but also over payments and admin costs. Why not enter your companies details below and see how much you could be saving every week by implementing Mitrefinch Time and Attendance systems

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Installing Mitrefinch TMS could save you:

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Mitrefinch TMS will reduce overpayment

If employees know their attendance is being monitored, overall attendance will generally improve. Employees may be overpaid by up to 30 minutes per day due to lateness, early leaving, long lunch breaks etc. For salaried employees, a saving will still be seen because they will be working longer for the same overhead. If we assume a conservative 1% increase in attendance, then the following savings could be made:

Hours Gained Weekly:

Savings Per Week:

Human Error

With a non-computerised system, there is a potential for human error at each stage of the payroll process. Companies using a manual system are likely to be experiencing an error rate between 1 and 5%. If we assume that we can reduce this by a conservative 0.5%, then the following savings could be made:

Rate of Human Error Per Week:


Savings Per Week:

Administration Costs

On average it is estimated to take 7 minutes for managers to manually calculate and edit each timesheet, and a further 2 minutes to manually enter data from each timesheet into a payroll application. Mitrefinch TMS removes the need for this to be performed. If Mitrefinch TMS saves 5 minutes per timesheet for calculations and data entry, then the following savings could be made:

Calculation and Entry (hours):

Savings Per Week: