Advance Applicant Tracking System

Boost Recruitment Processes by 45%

Acquire Talent Easily with Intelligent Recruitment Software

Advance ATS software gives you the power to recruit the best candidates. The software’s semantic search engine expertly matches job postings and CVs resulting in the great recruits.

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Connection and Login

No installation required. Connect directly to your organisation’s website allowing access from any device.


Job Postings

Simply fill out a short form using Multiposting tool function. One click sends your job posting to your business’s career page, job boards, and social networks ensuring maximum exposure.


Ranking and Matching

The semantic search system enables all potential candidates, including those already registered on your database, to be ranked by competence and distance. Narrow your search for the best applicants for your tailored hiring needs.

How Advance ATS Software Works


Advance ATS software allows written questionnaires and automated video interviews. Request video interviews through candidates profiles. Assess language proficiency and soft skills through online tests. Enables execution of interview techniques to suit your business’s hiring needs.



The software shortlists the best candidates for efficient and effective hiring.


Activity Tracking

All the activities and the assessment of your applicants will be tracked, improving your entire management process and facilitate cooperation between your HR department.

Reduce your HR Time Hiring the Right Candidate

Advance ATS integrated multiposting tool increases your recruitment by 45% by sharing your job posting to your career page, job boards and social networks. With innovative job posting, matching and interviewing techniques.

Advance ATS software reduces vacancy-to-hire time by 50%.

Applicant Tracking Management

Advance ATS software is an applicant tracking system delivered via SaaS (software-as-a-service) model that provides efficient and effective management of the entire recruitment process. This innovative software allows you to manage recruitment, applicant profiles, selection and assessment in one location.

The software’s ranking capabilities include all applicants, from outside and those already registered on your companies database. By scanning the database regularly and automatically, the software matches all ideal candidates and ranks them according to your job needs and distance from the workplace.

By giving you quick access to the best talent available, and the ability to track applicants professional progress, Advance ATS interactive database offers added value for your business.

Acquire New Talent Easily

Advance ATS simplifies talent acquisition for your Human Resources through streamlined technology.
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Applicant Ranking

Advance ATS matches potential recruit’s CVs, ranked based on skills and distance from the workplace, with your job needs. The intuitive software matches the best people to your company.



ATS optimises brand exposure to the best talent by integrating a custom layout into your website. ATS collects job postings and ensures the top candidates see it.

Why Choose Advance ATS


Advance ATS multiposting tool connects to the most used job sites and social media platforms. Indeed, a leading job site, and others, partner with Advance Applicant Tracking allowing customers to list jobs for free.


Video Recruiting

Evaluate candidates through automated video interviews using the An integrated video recruitment tool, saving you Time & Cost

Manage your Activities and Archive Documents

Advance ATS records recruitment activities conducted by you and the applicant. Users can easily access and share information and activities.

This software simplifies and streamlines document management by enabling you to save important files, such as contracts and assessments, to candidate’s profiles. Easy access to vital candidate information ensures a quick recruitment process.


Advance ATS connects your job needs to job boards, recruiting platforms and social media and coexists with other software, allowing your company to benefit from an array of tools and resources resulting in a complete software solution.

Advance ATS works alongside and easily integrates with human resource management, accounting, and payroll software.

With an XML feeds connection, Advance ATS clients can add specific job boards to the list of outlets provided through the automated multi-posting channel.

Collaborations and Technology

With Advance ATS superior technology, and cooperation with other technology firms, clients can be confident of added value through the best recruitment selection.


A few clicks through Advance ATS integrated multiposting channel allows you to post job openings simultaneously to your company’s careers page and multiple job search platforms. Advance ATS software creates the job posting featuring your logo and manages all applications and CVs in one place. Advance ATS multiposting channel connects with the most-used job boards, key portals, and social networking sites.

Assessment tests

Talentum helps you directly interact with your candidates, by providing you with integrated assessment tools like language proficiency tests and the soft skill test. With just one click you can request your applicants to answer some tests, which they will be able to access from their personal area, where the results are saved. Every time an applicant answers one of your test, you will receive a notification on your dashboard.

Facebook app

We have developed a Facebook app, which enables you to have an attracting career page on Facebook. Every time you post a job ad on your website, it will be automatically copied and pasted on your Facebook career page, where job seekers will directly apply. They will all be redirected to the same application form on your website and will be part of your entire candidate database.

Automated Video Interviews

Advanced Applicant Tracking offers video recruiting applications adding flexibility to the interviewing process. Video Cvs and time deferred interview platforms allow you to review candidates at your convenience. Create your own questions or use a template and to set the time for the interview. Applicants will receive an email notification and will access the interview via a link. Applicants will not be permitted to review the questions or to re-record the interview.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is essential to attract the best candidates for your job postings. Advance Applicant Tracking Solutions for recruitment management and high quality branded pages make your company more attractive to top recruits. An attractive employer brand will distinguish your company and add value to your business in a highly competitive marketplace.

Advance ATS

Increases Your Recruitment by 45%

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