Avonmore Electrical will save on average 27 HOURS a month by using the Advance Systems, Time Management System

About Avonmore Electrical

Avonmore Electrical is an industrial electrical services company established in 1958.

Today, their clients include power generation, pharmaceutical, local authority, food, brewery, and medical device companies to name but a few.

Most of their staff are based in their workshops. They also have engineers working offsite on clients’ premises.

The staff numbers have grown steadily since Avonmore Electrical began and they now employee over 100 staff.


Never ending paperwork

As staff numbers grew so did the amount of paperwork associated with human resources and time management functions.

Processes like

  • recording hours worked by staff,
  • requesting and recording holidays,
  • scheduling offsite work for engineers,
  • reporting absence and activity to management

These tasks relied heavily on paper-based processes.


Quick response. Impressive demo. Customisable solutions.

A simple Google search using “time management system Ireland” led Avonmore to Advance Systems.

Sean Lynch, Standards Engineer with Avonmore Electrical, described the selection process:

“Advance Systems featured very prominently in the Google search results and they were the first company we rang. They were very responsive to our call. We spoke to two or three other providers altogether, but Advance Systems were the only company to arrange a demonstration. Within a few days of typing those words into Google we had a sales rep down to take us through a demonstration.”

The systems demonstration went well, but as Sean rationalised “of course it would, you’ll always see the best side of the product during the demo”.

However, the ability to customise the Time Management System to the needs of Avonmore Electrical was one of the key selling points.

During the installation it became apparent that all the promises about customisation were being kept.

“It’s not like picking a product off a shelf and taking it out of a box. You are getting a solution that is very much tailored to the needs of your business and the users. All the changes and tweaks we asked for were accommodated,” explained Sean.

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Data trail replaces the paper mountain

After installing the Time Management System, Avonmore Electrical were able to significantly reduce their paperwork associated with time management.


Timesheets are being phased out

Clocking in and clocking out now occurs in the workshops using Biometric Scanners, installed at convenient locations throughout the worksite. Any engineers working offsite with clients can use the app on their mobile device.


No more printouts

All information is periodically downloaded to the Time Management System from the clocking applications. Because the data is in real time and online it can be retrieved very simply, exported to 3rd party software programs for analysis.


Holidays and scheduling

Booking holidays used to be a manual process. Using a centralised online system, updated in real-time means little chance of an overlap in leave occurring, leaving no area short staffed.


Online access for all

Once installation is complete all hours worked by staff are recorded online and all data analysis and reporting by management is also done online, significantly reducing the hours worked and the manual tasks associated with time management.


Additional benefits were found

In addition to the time management solutions provided, Avonmore also found additional benefits from using the skills matrix functions.

For example, Avonmore Electrical have certain work processes that only trained staff can execute. In a situation where someone is out sick or has been called to another site, the skills matrix can very quickly and simply show who else is available onsite to step in and operate this machinery. This means there has been less incidence of machine downtime.


Would Avonmore Electrical recommend Advance Systems to peers/other businesses?

“Yes. It’s very user-friendly, customisable to your business needs, pay periods and shifts.”

  • Sean Lynch, Standards Engineer with Avonmore Electrical.